The Homestead at Denison University


What is the Homestead?

The Homestead is a living-learning experience unique among American colleges and universities. It is a student-run intentional community with a focus on ecological sustainability.

Twelve students per semester live and work together in pursuit of a more ecologically sustainable lifestyle. Homesteaders also work to promote their projects, lifestyle, and ideals to non-members.


Fall '14 Applications Open!

APPLICATIONS ARE NOW AVAILABLE!! To access the application, click here! All submissions must be sent to Tom Henshaw at by noon on Friday September 5th.

Homestead Mission Statement

The Homestead is an ever-evolving experiment in community that is inhabited and maintained by Denison University students with strong commitments to a socioenvironmentally-responsible life ethic. We choose to live simply by using only technology that we deem appropriate and by making every effort to be fully conscious of the social and environmental impacts of our consumption. Our philosophies are brought to life through their practical application within the parameters of our academic setting.

The Homestead family encourages enrichment of the self and community through exploration and expression of our individual and collective creativity, ideas, emotions, and intellect. Our dynamic community nurtures life experiences that are self-affirming and empowering. These experiences contribute significantly to our future endeavors and create a collective spirit that unites the Homestead past and present. We open our arms to the greater global community to share with us the wonders embodied in the Homestead.